Our Ingredients

About Our Products

At Cakes By Jill, we think that people shouldn’t have to choose between nutrient-rich food and dessert. We want you to have your ice cream cake and eat it too!  That’s why we use the following natural ingredients to create our ice creams and cakes:

  • Cashews– we use raw, organic cashews to create most of our delicious ice creams.  We also soak and rinse our cashews for optimal digestion and to maximize their nutritional value.
  • Agave Syrup– a natural, plant-based sweetener with a much lower glycemic load and glycemic index than conventional sugar. 
  • Maple Syrup– some of our ice creams and cake crusts are sweetened with locally produced, organic maple syrup.
  • Dates– we use organic medjool and honey dates to sweeten our cake crusts.
  • Raw Almonds and Walnuts– our cake crusts and some of our sandwiches are made with raw almond meal and/or walnuts. We always soak and sprout our nuts to increase their digestibility and nutritional value. 
  • Coconut Oil– we use pure organic coconut oil in many of our ice creams because it is an excellent source of lauric acid, and can help balance cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Spelt Flour– some of our ice cream sandwich cookies and toppings are made with spelt flour. We like spelt because it is  a high-quality whole grain that is easy to digest. 

The combination of high-quality, minimally processed, natural ingredients make our ice creams irresistibly delicious and healthy at the same time.  

Our Process

We think our ice cream products are pretty darn  special. Here’s why:

  • Quality– our ice creams are made in small batches, in order to preserve the highest standard of freshness.  Our ice cream cakes are made-to-order. Our fruit is always organic and purchased locally whenever possible.  All other toppings, crusts and sandwich cookies are handmade. 
  • Pure- We don’t add unnecessary ingredients. No processed sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors – nothing. Using minimal ingredients means that all you get is clean, fresh, creamy goodness the way that nature intended.
  • Raw – the ingredients which comprise many of our products are raw, not roasted or boiled, and made into ice cream with a low temperature process. This means that all of the enzymes, proteins and vitamins are intact, in their natural state and fully utilized by the body. Heat can destroy these sensitive nutrients.  
  • Energy – Packed with nutrients, our ice creams are a great source of sustained energy.
  • Healthy – Nuts in the form that we make them – totally raw and organic and processed into ice creams- are among the most basic and healthy foods one can eat on the planet.  They are a good plant-based source of protein, essential fatty acids and fiber.

One Response to Our Ingredients

  1. louisetam says:

    I am so happy that you make non-dairy cakes that are NOT based on soy! Good for people who want veggie alternatives that are allergic to soy. So many pastries and desserts are heavily reliant on soy products, it’s distressing… I know where to send my requests for a birthday cake…

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